I Can Now Confirm The Camera Does In Fact Add 40-50 Pounds


Made a little stop into Fox Chicago this morning for some Bears talk, hopefully going to be a recurring thing in my quest to have Barstool Chicago infiltrate every facet of the media.



Anyway, 2 things I quickly learned. 1) They don’t give Bloggers makeup. Instead I had to rely on a good old fashioned shower/sweater/hair gel (probably too much hair gel) combo to conceal my hangover, as you can see I came up a little short and  by that I mean I looked like I haven’t slept in a week. 2) Good thing I already knew that the camera adds 40-50 pounds otherwise I would have had to go on a diet for having the fattest face in the world. Really dodged a bullet on that one.



So thanks to Fox Chicago for having me on, those little stat nuggets were free, this time.*




*probably always be free because I’m still just a fat blogger that spends 99.9% of his life in sweatpants and those were the only nice clothes I own, but sometimes you’ve got to talk tough to let them know you mean business.