So New York Channel 11 News Does Not Think I Am A Real Person?


Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 5.50.55 PM

So PIX 11 NY News stopped by the office today for a quick interview. Shoutout to them — nice people. Chris Christie’s being floated as a possible replacement for Francesa so they wanted a little Barstool Sports political “writer’s” two cents on how Christie could potentially translate to sports talk radio. Asked a few questions, filmed me from this weird angle where my eyes look kinda fucked up, and went on their merry way. Guy asked what to call me so I said Riggs.

Then the segment comes out and they’ve got me in quotes. “Riggs.” Da fuk? Am I not a real person? Weird move but I don’t hate it. “Riggs” seems like pretty mysterious guy. Who is this one-name dude who writes about politics on a sports website and goes in quotes?

Chicks dig mysterious. I kinda like it. You can check out the whole segment and story here.


Have a great night everyone.