Add AJ Styles To The List Of People Who Think The Earth Could Possibly Be Flat

This is absolutely my favorite thing going right now. People coming out of the woodwork, claiming the Earth very well might be flat. This new phenomenon started with Kyrie Irving over the All Star Break

Draymond agreed

And now AJ Styles is the latest and greatest athlete to believe there might be more to the Earth than they want us to know. We are all sheeple, just falling in line while the illuminati convinces us the Earth is round. I’m glad we have professional athletes, who we should all look up to as heroes, telling us what things like “science books” can’t.

Oh and don’t forget one of the OG Earth is flat truthers, B.o.B., best known for that one song that one time.

As Kanye West once said, I’m not here to turn atheists into believers….but maybe…..

…..just stay woke.