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Texas Pre-School Teacher Suspended For Tweeting "Kill Some Jews!" And Calling Holocaust The "LOLACHAUST"

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First off — would.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 12.23.42 PM

Second off — who the hell says to their pal “have a safe trip kill some Jews!” What the fuck kinda comment is that? Absurd. No matter how racist or anti-semitic you are, that’s just a ridiculous thing to say. How dumb can you be? How did this chick survive and exist and live in Texas let alone get a pre-school job there? Shocking. I’m pretty sure they give you a hard time if you’re like slightly foreign in Texas and here Nancy Salem (no shot that’s her birth name) is teaching pre-school and telling her gal pals to have a nice vacation killing Jews. Unreal.

Third off — did not expect to wake up today and write multiple blogs about Muslims and Jews but first it was porn star legend Jenna Jameson and now it’s Nancy Salem so here we are. Is what it is.

Fourth off — how about this psycho was only suspended?

Fox News — A pre-school teacher in Texas has been suspended from the classroom pending an investigation into her encouraging social media followers to “kill some Jews,” The Algemeiner has learned.

Ummm she called the Holocaust the LOLACAUST and told her pal to kill some Jews. Think you gotta give her the axe here guys.