NY Has Made Me A SprezzaBox Guy


Since moving to NYC I really don’t have time for anything. National Radio show. TV show. Content Commander in Chief. People’s goalie. Pizza connoisseur. You name it, I’m doing it. Brick by Brick. Might beat NASA in a race to the moon at this rate.

Shopping? Out of the question. No time for it & NYC is a zoo anyway. You don’t just invent the internet and then crawl to brick and mortars all day anyway.

So I get everything delivered now. Jet for groceries. Barkbox for the dog and the biggest no brainer of them all, SprezzaBox for men’s accessories. I signed up for every box service in the game to see which one I could actually use and SprezzaBox was the best one hands down. They actually have products you can use, not samples and once they found out I was a fan of course they made me a spokesperson.

So stop looking like a slob like half of our lazy office. Take two seconds and subscribe to SpezzaBox with the Promo Code PREZ for 25% off the 1st month then find me in the club.

SprezzaBox. Promo Code PREZ for 25% off.