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Iowa's Tyler Cook Had A Post-Dunk Stare Down For The Ages Against Indiana

EAT IT! TAKE IT! LOVE IT! Ask me if I care that that dunk came from a 14-13 Iowa team beating a 15-12 Indiana team. Ask me if I care that Iowa isn’t going to the tournament this year. Ask me if I care that Iowa is bound for the NIT. Ask me if I care about any of that. I don’t. That dunk/stare down combination was AWESOME. Tyler Cook’s eyes burned holes through that poor Indiana defender. I’m so jealous of that athletic ability. JUST ONCE I wanna dunk on somebody and stare lasers through them. Is that too much to ask? Probably because I usually hurt myself trying to touch the net but still. Dunking is the one thing as a chubby white guy that I wish I could do. I’m not even saying I wish I could do it forever. I just need science to give me the capability for like 25 minutes. Let me dunk like Vince Carter in his prime for the amount of time it takes to air an episode of Seinfeld and I’ll never ask for anything ever again.