Kristaps Porzingis Was Creeping On Abigail Ratchford's Instagram, She Responded, And I Think We Have A Love Connection!



There has been a lot of “shooters shoot” talk on this site the last week or so but it looks like my sweet-shooting 7’3″ Latvian boy not only shot his shot, but could be getting buckets right this very moment. I guess that’s what happens when you are crowned the most skilled player in the NBA. You walk home with a trophy, a couple extra bucks, and become the hottest dick slinger in the free world.

Now the one downside to all this is that Abigail is a well-built smokeshow. That body was molded by the gods to break dicks and hearts. This wouldn’t be a problem for most NBA players, however I’m not sure if KP’s lanky ass is ready to go 1 round with someone like this in the sheets, let alone 12. If we are being honest, I probably would have cum myself if Abigail ever wrote the mouth emoji to me. But I’m also not a basketball player with unlimited swagger that had the balls to rock cornrows as a kid in Latvia. So go do your thing Kristaps. Your future best friend will be cheering you on while hoping you don’t mysteriously end up on the injury report with a broken back or dick. Because this body is licensed to kill.

Annnnnnd I’m spent


Annnnnd I’m dead