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This Video Of Angelina Jolie Eating Spiders And Bugs In Cambodia Must Make Brad Pitt So Happy

Can you imagine being Brad Pitt, waking up on some yacht next to a one million, checking your super secret celebrity Twitter app that is probably so much better than real Twitter, and seeing your weirdo ex-wife munching down on spiders in the middle of Asia with her litter of kids? That must be a better feeling than anything that is legal on God’s green Earth. Brad didn’t exactly dodge a bullet since he was married in that madness for years, but he got the bullet removed from his brain with no real damage.

And it’s not like spiders are some local delicacy or anything. Angelina herself said that Cambodians didn’t eat tarantulas because they were good or nutritious. They were mowing down spiders because they were in the middle of fucking war. It’s the same thing for Timon and Pumbaa. They weren’t eating grubs and worms because they tasted like filet mignon. It’s because they were forced to based on their surroundings while they were Hakuna Matataing their dicks off. Which is why Brad will probably have a nice little chuckle to himself today as he eats whatever is on the menu, whether it’s shrimp cocktail, a sandwich, or a superdupermodel’s ass.