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The Jets' Biggest Media Cheerleader is Coming Hard After Darrelle Revis. Sad!


Manish Mehta, off the top rope! Sweet mother of Jesus, these are dark days indeed in New York when their number one house man is putting the Flying Elbow to the Greatest Player in Jets History. For ten years now, the media in general and the New York writers in particular adhered to the Revis Infallibility Doctrine. No play was ever a failure on his part. No reception against his coverage was ever the fault of anyone but the safety behind him who should have been there. No contract holdout was ever too soon after the last holdout. And the writers cheered like the college newspapers at a DI football factory when the Jets re-signed him. Now Revis is getting worse press in New York than Spider Man.

I talked to Mehta on my WEEI show the day after the Jets signed Revis, and he actually had the shamelessness balls to deny they tampered with him. The toughest negotiator in pro sports, the Holdout King, was released by the Patriots and within hours, before the sun even set that day, Revis had a contract fully worked out. But Mehta came on the air and pretended the Jets would never tamper because that would be wrong. Because he’s such a puppet for the team that he can’t talk if Woody Johnson is drinking a glass of water. But here’s what he says now:

Johnson’s words at that December press conference became the face of the tampering that ultimately prompted a $100,000 fine, but back-channel discussions with the Jets in February set the foundation for a Revis reunion.

Team officials in stealth mode communicated with Revis, Inc., through private cell phones and face-to-face covert meetings at the 2015 Scouting Combine rather than make calls from the team’s landlines at their Florham Park facility. No paper trails were a must.

Johnson, the driving force behind bringing back Revis to right a wrong in his mind, endorsed all of it.

Apology accepted, I guess. The Patriots lost a key starter in their Super Bowl XLIX run to a division opponent because they were contacting him with spycraft. Fucking burner phones and secret contract talk and clandestine meetings. But the Jets got fined $100,000 so all is forgiven. And the best part is that Revis is such damaged goods now, he’s taken to fighting with Instagram trolls about how good he used to be and pissing on past greats. More from Mehta:

Revis has quite the high opinion of himself. Can you imagine Tom Brady ever publicly claiming that he had better numbers than Joe Montana, even though he actually does?… In some ways, I actually feel sorry for Revis, whose public chest-thumping over his legacy is pathetic.

Sincerely, I’m not even mad. The Jets blatantly cheating and getting a slap on the wrist is its own punishment. The media lapdogs who denied it happened are humiliated. The guys who grotesquely overrated Revis Island are ridiculing Revis for overrating himself. Their on the hook for yet another huge cap hit on him. And the Patriots got the last good season of his career. Plus, I get proven right once again. It just never, ever gets old.