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Breaking News: Tex Is Gonna Fight In the Rough N Rowdy March 3rd in West Virginia

One of my personal favorite videos I’ve ever made is when I went to the Rough N Rowdy a couple years ago in WV. Just one of the craziest events I’ve ever been to filled with hillbilly lunatics fighting each other. Well fast forward to 2017. We got our own crazy lunatic who is willing to fight anybody at the drop of a hat. So it’s only natural we entered Tex into this thing and I’m going to be in his corner March 3rd for the biggest, most hyped fight in the history of Barstool. The Texas Tornado rides again. And yes I’m going to try to set this up as Pay Per View or Facebook Live or something so people can watch this thing live.


22nd Annual
Rough N’ Rowdy Brawl
Welch Armory
March 3-4, 2017

Obviously love all Stoolies to show up and support Tex.