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People LOVE Trump's New National Security Adviser, Lt. General H.R. McMaster

Quick refresher — last week national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned slash was asked to resign because of Russian communication and lying and shit. Trump said after that he’s still a great man, that the fake news media was to blame but anywho — out with the Flynn, in with the new.

The new is Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster. People LOVE McMaster. I asked Barstool’s very own West Point Connor yesterday about him and he went on and on about how big of a West Point legend he is. West Point this, West Point that. Think we all earned an honorary degree just from Connor’s response.

Then this morning I formally asked the whole ZBT squad for quotes.

Captain Cons: “McMaster is widely regarded as the smartest man in the Army so it is a savvy appointment for such an important position when our national security is currently a source of contention for Trump. He brings experience, knowledge, and I like former athletes.”

Chaps: “I don’t know him but he’s never been accused of light treason so that’s a step up imo.”

Intern Reed: (no response)

Here are some of the reasons many people love him.


- Gulf War 1991, Battle of 73 Easting. McMaster’s tank unit was drastically outnumbered by Iraqis, but managed to dominate anyway. Final tally: USA lost tanks = 0; Iraqi lost tanks = 80.

Suck it Saddam.

- Second Iraq War. Before George W. Bush authorized the famous “surge,” McMaster implemented and proved that counterinsurgency tactics worked in the city of Tal Afar. He sought to prove that we could both protect the Iraqi civilians and win over the favor, which we did. These tactics were then implemented in the surge.

- He’s not afraid to disagree. In 2003, for example, McMaster was outspoken and vocal about his opposition to then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s Iraq War plan. I’m not a war expert, but McMaster believed we were taking too much of a technological approach; he of course would then have the mentioned-above success and was promoted in 2008.

He also said this about Vietnam. Again, not afraid to be outspoken about what he believes: “The war in Vietnam was not lost in the field, nor was it lost on the front pages of the New York Times or the college campuses. It was lost in Washington, D.C.”

- He’s smart. He’s got a Ph.D. in history from North Carolina — we like history and we like Ph.D.s, especially in our leaders. McMaster’s smarts earned him a spot in General Patraeus’ inner circle, “the braintrust,” during the Iraq War.


People are pumped about this guy. Note, the national security adviser works in the West Wing and serves as the in-house guy to coordinate and advise the President on all national security issues. He weighs input from the different departments, with no allegiance to any’s agenda, requests and holds meetings between military leaders without the President, ultimately having the ear of and advising the President on anything and everything national security. It’s a hands-on, influential gig.

Having a guy in there who’s historically outspoken and unafraid to disagree is YUGE. We don’t want Trump lapdogs — we want strong, smart, experienced, independent thinkers with the balls to stand up against anything they feel may be wrong, incorrect, or even imperfect. It provides at the very least a psychological safety net to our perception of the White House and what may or may not come out of it.

McMaster… great name, great choice, should do a great job. USA all day.