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Migos Performing "Bad And Boujee" On Ellen Is A Tour De Force In Bad Crowd Dancing

Well that’s…. exactly what I expected to see. It’s what everyone expected to be, I’m sure, because Migos and the Ellen crowd aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. On its best day I imagine the Ellen Show seats are filled with a bunch of Taylor Swifts, that’s on its BEST day, on its worst it’s filled with geriatric old people who were herded in off the street, in the middle of the day, to fill some spots.

But you know what? I’m not gonna bash the white folks here. I’m tired of it. We’re not great at dancing, so fucking what, at least we have the courage to do it anyway. “Dance as if no one is watching” is what the old Irish proverb says, and since all white people are Irish (just ask them on St. Patrick’s Day, they’ll tell you) we listen to our ancestral tips. So I don’t know what a “beat” is or how to “move” my hips in “rhythm,” I don’t give a goddamn. I’m out here to have a good time and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Whether I’m in the crowd of a nationally televised show or in a dark basement I’m always gonna be dancing, make fun if you want but I’m having a damn good time.

PS – This might be controversial but you know what I think? I think black people are culturally appropriating bad dancing from white people. Yeah, I said it. All the “cool” dance moves that have become trendy of late are objectively ridiculous. It’s cool because rappers started it but they’re moves my dad could do and if he did it, it would be the lamest thing ever. Dabs and whips and quan hitting and Drake doing that hotline bling nonsense… all that stuff has like nothing to do with a beat and is weird looking. That’s white people dancing.