The Rock Called CM Punk And Left Him A Voicemail From The Middle Of The WWE Ring Last Night

After Raw went off the air last night, a movie The Rock is producing about Paige’s life filmed some scenes in the ring. The Rock also came down to the ring to chat with fans…and to call the one and only CM Punk. Only The Rock could get away with calling Punk, who has probably 100 lawsuits filed against the WWE right now, and has openly bashed them at every opportunity possible, and get away with it. If it was anyone else, Vince would have been in the ring in 5.3 seconds, tearing both quads on the way. Punk not only quit on the WWE, not only talks shit about them constantly, but he joined the UFC afterwards.

By all accounts, Punk has a grudge the size of Jupiter against Vince, HHH, and the WWE right now. Every time he speaks about them, he uses the word “unfairly” no fewer than 150 times. So what did the Rock do? Went into the center of the ring and called Punk. Just gave him a quick chime and left him a voicemail.

Is this the beginning of the CM Punk/WWE comeback?!?

Punk is the most hard-headed, egotistical, prideful, stubborn guy out there. But if there is one person who can talk sense into him, or anyone, it’s the Rock. So when it comes to a comeback, never say never.