These St. Pats Throwback Sweaters The Maple Leafs Will Wear In March Are Pure, Divine Beauties


If you don’t think that Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner are both going off for 5 points each while wearing these beauties than I don’t know what to tell you. Unless, of course, they tie a load on the night before for St. Pat’s and then suck nuts on Saturday against Chicago. But still. It’s damn near impossible to not have a career day in these beauties. And good looks on the Maple Leafs for finally figuring out how to Make St Paddy’s Great Again in the NHL. For years and years we’ve seen teams just push out green sweaters with zero innovation or creativity. They just take their home sweater, replace the color with kelly green, steal $250 out of your pocket and call it a day. I get that not every other team has the history bag to dive in to like the Leafs do, but still. These are Mr. Clean Banging Your Wife In That Super Bowl Commercial levels of clean.

They’ve gone back to the St. Pat’s before but while this look crushed the throwback vibe…


(Mats dominating life with the TPS Response. Might need to write a blog about the best throwback twigs from the Synergy era)

… it just doesn’t compete to how crisp these new ones are for March 18. And maybe I’m just an idiot and completely missed this somewhere else but I haven’t seen what color bucket they’ll be wearing with these jerseys. Obviously white is the safe choice but I wouldn’t hate if they busted out some greens. I’m thinking 3 and 3 for both Matthews and Marner in green buckets.