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Video Of Model Dangling 73-Stories Above The Ground In Order To Take Some Pictures

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 7.39.00 AM

People drastically underestimate the danger involved in modeling. People think it’s all smiling and posing for pictures and reading DMs from possible suitors. Well, it’s not. Sometimes it’s dangling above the ground for no reason. Have you ever smiled while looking very busty 73-stories above the ground? I haven’t and frankly, I’d be too scared to do that.

It’d be hard for me to have a good time while my balls are tucked ever so slightly inside my throat. There’s something about these videos that make my testicles have a physical reaction. I can’t tell if they actually move or if it just in my mind. Either way, thank you, model, for your bravery in art. We appreciate it.