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In Shocking News, Soulja Boy Says His Boxing Match Vs. Chris Brown Has Been Cancelled

What do you get when you have two of the most disliked people in hip hop allegedly beefing over an Instagram like? A boxing match that was rumored for weeks that inevitably was never going to happen. Now I’m pretty sure the only reason people wanted to see this fight is it was the perfect storm like Ali/Frazier I. Well actually let me explain that. Ali/Frazier I was the perfect storm because you had two undefeated fighters matching up with an equal claim for the heavyweight title. Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown was the perfect storm because I’m pretty sure every person in America wanted to see a double knockout that could result in a coma or death.

Then again, trusting a word that comes out of Soulja Boy’s mouth or Twitter fingers was probably never the best idea anyway. The only publicity stunt better than a boxing match between two hated people is a fake boxing match between two hated people. This way nobody gets hurt. Bonus points if you get out in front of the story and say that your opponent was the one who backed out on the fight by retweeting every news story, real or #fake, that pops up on Twitter.


Add in that this was all promoted by Floyd Mayweather, who is currently pulling the same nonsense in real boxing with Conor McGregor, and we can probably just put a nail in the coffin for all these rumors.

However in significantly more important news, what happens to the Kenyon Martin vs. Tim Thomas undercard?

Give me that fight along with Matt Barnes vs. Derek Fisher and Charles Oakley vs. James Dolan (who can choose another fighter to take his spot a la Trial By Combat law as long as he played in the NBA) and I think we have ourselves a boxing card that will look awesome on paper and likely terrible in real life/on TV.