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Bullying Children Until They Cry Is Wrong, Unless It's Your Job


This week on the Podfathers we got a question about bullying. Should schools focus on how to deal with bullies by bullying the fuck out of them rather than the “Dont Be A Bully” campaigns that are so prevalent now? On initial view, it’s hard to say…

To a certain extent, I think they should. Acting as though bullying is going somewhere is foolhardy. Kids are gonna get roasted as long as they are kids, and telling the teacher isn’t always the answer and it makes you look like a little bitcc. How do they learn tho? Experience. You have a teacher whose sole job is to absolutely roast these prepubescent fucks. Ole voice still crackin head asses.
These kids need a middle school teacher version of Terry Tate the Office Linebacker to verbally assault them.

“Hey, Jake. you dumb shit. Dropped your pocket.”

::: Jake looks:::

“Got your ass. Detention.”

“Hey, Sally. Nice haircut….”

“Thank you, Mr. Chaps!”

“NOT, you little idiot.”

I’m all for effective bullying and questions like that one.

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