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Trestman Announces Cutler To Start On Sunday Against The Browns







I blogged this on Tuesday but I’ll say it again, this is the right move. If Cutler is 100%, he’s the starter, end of story. People are confusing offseason with this season. Whether the Bears should resign Cutler after this year is a completely different question than who should start when the starting quarterback and backup quarterback are both healthy. Josh McCown played great, he kept this team in the hunt, he also had the fortune of playing a few of the worst defenses in the league and having a fantastic night against a Cowboys team that wanted no part of playing football on Monday.


People seem to completely forget that this team lost to the Rams and Vikings the two weeks prior. All I have seen is TD/INT ratio when making the case for McCown. Great numbers no doubt but besides Baltimore (which was a slop fest on both sides) McCown has faced the 21st, 22nd, 30th, and 32nd pass defense in the league. Put things into proper perspective. “Hot Hand” can’t just be 4 quarters against the worst team in the league. I like McCown a lot (minus the no porn stuff, I can’t support that), but he isn’t this team’s starting quarterback. He’ll even tell you as much. 3-0 is what is needed to get in the playoffs, let’s hope it happens.




Also, I don’t know if anyone else agrees but every time Urlacher says something about the Bears or Cutler these days (he said McCown should start), he just comes across as real bitter and ex-girlfriendy.  I know it’s his job to talk about the NFL but he just seems so resentful that his career ended. Whole thing sucks.




Wait, fuck, I take everything I said back, gotta follow the online poll.