This Kid Reporter Had NO TIME For John Wall's Answer About His Favorite Food

Need more reporters to take this kid’s lead and show utmost disgust when a player answers a question in a way they don’t like. Oh you are gonna come at me with salmon, broccoli, and zucchini? Get the FUCK OUT. Kid had absolutely no time for that nonsense. Dude has to go home and do some coloring inside the lines and maybe a connect the dots, and John Wall is coming at him with that bullshit? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

What’s awesome is that’s the kid’s equivalent of an adult reporter asking a player about half-time adjustments and getting a bottled answer in response. Need the real reporters to show that kind of passion when a player gives them a nonsense answer. Nobody’s favorite food is salmon and veggies. Give me the real scoop. Pizza, mac and cheese, chicken chili nachos. That kid’s reaction was all of us when a player doesn’t give us the truth. Kid is going places, but first, nap time.