Active Shooter In Oakland (Since Been Detained With No Injuries) Went On The Funniest Graffiti Rampage Of All Time

Obviously active shooter situations are not a joke in any capacity. But with that said, knowing he’s been taken into custody without any injuries I think it’s fair to laugh. Because this clip of him casually walking up to a car to graffiti its hood is fucking hysterical. Will he go with a Swastika? Will he have a message for the police? Maybe a scorned lover? Anti Trump?

Nope, just a big old fat dick and balls. Sometimes it’s the little things in life, sometimes even if a guy is holding a rifle he feels the need to doodle a giant penis like he’s in middle school math class. I can’t help what makes me laugh and this made me laugh.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.27.10 PM


Boobs, nailed it.