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This Guy Who Vows To Eat A Picture Of Jason Segel Every Day Until Jason Segel Eats A Picture Of Him Is Living His Best Life

If you hate on this guy then you’re the loser. Not him. This guy is just out here living his best life. Eating pictures of Jason Segel on a daily basis and hoping Segel returns the favor and eats a picture of him. We all have goals in life. It’s no one’s place to shit on someone else’s goal no matter how weird or murder-y it is. Cause you know what’s gonna happen? If this guy is disciplined, and continues eating a picture everyday, Jason Segel is gonna eat a picture of that guy. That’s the beauty of the internet. If that guy was born in any other time period, he would be burned at the stake for thinking of an idea like this. 2017 though? 2017 gives him the means and the format to pull off something like this. People say the internet is a place where bigots and racists run free. I find the silver lining in it. The silver lining is it that a man can start an internet campaign to make actor Jason Segel consume piece of paper with his face on it.