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Hideki Matsuyama Getting Pissed At Awesome Shots Is Starting To Make Me Mad

Come onnnnnnnnnnnn man. Stop doing that. It makes me really mad when he does things like that and he does them with frequency. I wanna like Hideki Matsuyama but he’s making it impossible by acting all pissed off after a shot and then it ending up being the perfect shot. He did it a whole bunch at the Waste Management Phoenix Open WHERE HE WON. He kept following through with one hand with his driver and next thing you know the ball would be 300 yards straight down the fairway.  It’s super frustrating to watch. It’d be like a guy showing up to a rec league basketball game like, “Well I guess I’ll give this round ball game a shot” and then playing like Steph Curry. I don’t know if he’s trying to hustle the other golfers he’s playing with or what. I kinda like that mind game if he is, to be honest. Just getting pissed after every shot being like, “Oh great. Well that sucked” and then it almost going in. I still hate it though and he should stop doing it.

Hey don’t forget that a new episode of Fore Play dropped this week. We had Michael Breed from Golf Channel on the show. Many people are saying it’s the most electric interview in golf podcast history and they’re right. He was awesome. Check it out on iTunes or PodcastOne.