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Jidenna's New Album Is Hot As Shit

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Big music drop day today. New Future, which everyone seems to think isn’t great though I haven’t listened yet, new All Time Glory, New Found Glory and Linkin Park to listen to while we shred the skatepark after school, new Sheeran, new Kygo and Selena, new Pitbull, new Posner…. just an absolute wealth of new music.

But don’t sleep on Jidenna. “Long Live the Chief” was one of my favorite songs of 2016 and the whole album lives up to it for me. Bamabi, Helicopters, 2 Points, The Let Out, Safari, Little Bit More, Some Kind of Way, and Bully of the Earth all fuck. I fuckin’ haaaaaaaaated “Classic Man,” which I’m pretty sure was Jidenna’s only true mainstream song, but I have loved every other Jidenna song I’ve ever heard. Interesting play to make your shittiest song your main single but I guess that’s why I never made it in the music industry.

Anyway, listen to this album. It’s very good. Plus Jidenna is from Milton just like us. Lower Mills stand up!