1 Week From Today The Pat McAfee Show Is Going To Be The #1 Podcast In the World Before It Launches


(Barstool Sports Just Dominating the AP Top 10)

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1 Week from today The Pat McAfee Show launches.   You can subcribe now.     My goal/Pat’s Goal/Barstool’s goal is to make this the #1 podcast in the universe before it launches.   To continue dominating the rankings.  I mean look at this leaderboard.  Led by PMT, Barstool continues to flank the entire podcast world with armies approaching from every angle.   The total takeover of the world continues and the Pat McAfee show is the next domino to fall.   This show will be must listen stuff (according to Pat) and what better way to welcome him to the family than putting him at #1 before he even begins.

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