Trump Press Conference Recap

President Trump Holds News Conference In East Room Of White House

Donnie just held a presser. It was amazing, so let’s blog it.

It began with Trump announcing the new nominee for Labor Secretary.

Whatever. Snooze fest. On to the real show.

Congrats to CNN who has been upgraded from “fake news” to…

Quick uranium lesson for all those at home.

Where you from? BBC huh?

He reminded all that he is “ratings machine DJT.”

…which is kinda true.

Shoutout to Fox & Friends and suck it CNN good thing you don’t have good ratings.

Suck it again CNN.

Quick shade throwing at the intelligence community.

Least anti semitic person. Number two, racism.

Yo black reporter can you set up the meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus? They friends of yours?

He kicked Hillary while she was down. Multiple times.

There were so many memorable moments it was impossible to keep track and make sure they all got in here. I could probably just embed the entire 75 minutes and it’d be a must-watch. It was awesome, it was exactly why “the blog” wanted Trump to win. NEEDED Trump to win.

So how would I sum it up? Wolf does it perfectly in the first 15 seconds here.