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Greg Maddux Pitched BP To Kris Bryant In Disguise And It Was Pretty Damn Cool

I’m not a huge dress up in disguise video guy, especially when it’s obviously an ad. But it’s hard for me to ignore when you have one of the all time pitching legends in Greg Maddux tossing to a legend in the making, Kris Bryant. And you know why this video works? Because of course Maddux started tossing Curveballs and locating his pitches on Bryant. You could see it in Kris’s face too, he was completely confused with what he was seeing. Trying to take a little BP and a Hall of Famer, who probably studied Bryant’s tendencies before taping this video, is putting him in a mental pretzel. Now we just need the video of Mad Dog taking a piss in Bryant’s bat bag after because you know he wouldn’t pass on a chance for a prank.

This video was probably all fake but I’m going to pretend it’s real because you have to believe in something.