This Picture Of Phil Jackson Riding The Bus Is Depressing As FUCK


Shit guys, I’ve seen that look before. I think James Dolan finally broke the Zen Master. Or maybe it was Melo’s no trade clause. I’m not sure which is to blame, but it looks like Phil is goink to kill himself. Even his leg position looks like a dog that has tucked its tail between its legs after being defeated. Big Chief Triangle didn’t break up with his attractive, loaded, part-owner of the Lakers fiance to take the bus around New York City. He did it partially to restore pride to the Knicks (LOL) and partially because a $12 million/year offer was too good to give up. Riding mass transit in this city is for the common man for a reason. It’s cheap and effective even though it stinks and is crowded. Phil needs to be taking private cars everywhere. You know why? Well for one he is loaded and has no need to ever step foot in a bus, subway, or yellow cab again. But I also imagine Phil Jackson’s back looks like Afghanistan. Just a fucking disaster full of uneven terrain and old battle wounds. Phil can’t be sitting on those bus seats. He’s too big, too old, too injured, and too rich for that nonsense.

But if Phil INSISTS on taking a ride on the bus like us commoners, I need him to have a custom made bus throne just like his coaching days. Only seems right.