This 6-Year-Old Kid Celebrating And Dancing After Finishing A Year Of Chemo Is A Hell Of A Pick Me Up

RING THAT GODDAMN BELL FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT JIMMY!!! There are not many things that can rally a crowd quite like ringing a bell. A good chant, maybe some coordinated clapping, or some honking during a celebration. I don’t know what it that makes humans go crazy when they hear a bell ring, but it’s something woven deep into our DNA. When a bell rings at a bar, even the soberest people let out a cheer, regardless of the reason it was rung. I don’t know if it’s something primal where maybe bells or gongs were used before a battle or after a victory. But it really does bring out a different side in people.

However the bell is just the appetizer for this video. Because little Jimmy Spagnolo is a goddamn showman that just beat the fuck out of cancer. And not only that, he tapdanced on cancer’s face while ringing that bell with the experience of a bartender that has worked at a Senor Frogs for a full decade. But if we are being honest, it was Jimmy’s dance moves that put this video over the top. He goes from a salsa that would make Victor Cruz blush to a belly rub that would make me blush to an A+++ running man. There may be times on this site that we deal with things that people disagree with or find offensive. But you flat out don’t have a soul if you didn’t have a smile ear-to-ear during that video and mayyyyybe had your tear ducts well up a little bit.