People Complaining About Their Heart Shaped Pizza On Valentine's Day Are The Saddest Humans Alive

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 (h/t junior) 

Not even trying to bash these people, just stating facts. Ordering yourself a Papa John’s or Pizza Hut Heart shaped pizza, getting exactly what you paid for (a fake ass heart pizza), then complaining on twitter is so so so sad. Like what did these people honestly expect? Do they realize how much it must suck to work at a Papa Johns and have your boss tell you tonight you have to make some stupid fucking heart pizza for all the sad people without a date? Of course you’ll end up with misshapen blobs. Or pizzas that simply have a slice eaten out of it by the delivery guy because he remembered at the very last second he was supposed to give you a heart. Feel bad for these people with shitty pizzas but I’ll instead feel bad for the poor saps forced to make some corny ass pie because Hallmark picked a random date in the calendar that everyone has to be in love.

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