One Of My Emergency Shirts I Wear When I'm Out Of Clothes Is Making Waves In The Office


The hardest part of a blog is getting it started, so let’s just jump right into it- I’m out of clothes. It happens to all of us, you put off doing laundry, then put it off again, you tell yourself you’ll get to it tomorrow, and then next thing you know, you’re completely out of clean clothes. The worst is when it’s socks because wearing socks multiple times is like wiping with used toilet paper. Thankfully I dug deep to find new socks today (mismatched as they are), but my shirt situation was dire. The funny thing is, of course there are shirts in my closet, but those shirts kinda just sit in there. Not really sure what to do with them, but they are so far out of the rotation that it doesn’t really matter that they are there or not, but they aren’t shitty enough to give away either.

But wearing an out of rotation shirt is tricky. Sure I can wear pretty much anything to work, but now that we work in an office I actually prefer wearing real clothes because it makes me feel less like an idiot slob blogger (even though I usually/always wear a hoodie over them for comfort). I even shower every day. Quite a change from the old working from home day. But because of 3+ years of working from home, my wardrobe is a work in progress. Meaning days like today come up every now and then when I have to dive deep into the weeds to pull out a shirt that I think I can wear. And today’s turned heads and dropped jaws.

Compliments started flying left and right. Fashionista Glenny Balls asked if I had a date later. Ria said I looked nice! Erika was legit confused why I looked so handsome today, which might be the most backhanded compliment of all time but one I will take absolutely all day every single day of the year. “You’re usually ugly af but today you look presentable”.

So my friends, I present this challenge to you: Wear a non-rotation shirt this week. Shoot your shot. You never know when a spring training invitee will crack the starting rotation. You think the ol’ shirt in the back of the closet is only throwing mid 80’s, and then it comes in and starts throwing 95 on the corner. Go for it, my pals. You just never know.

PS: Of course there are haters. Kmarko is spreading rumors (FAKE NEWS!) around the office that I purposely made up that this isn’t a rotation shirt so incase the shirt sucked I could play it off. I appreciate him thinking I’m that smart, but I’m not. I was walking on sunshine, catching compliments left and right, and he had to try and rain on my parade. I was a bit down at first, then realized Keith prides himself on being Mr. Fashion and couldn’t handle someone taking his spotlight. All I can say about that is jealousy is a stinky cologne.