5'8" College Hoops Player Stuffs The Shit Out Of A 6'8" Dude In A Rare Win For Short Guys

Fort Lewis College 5-foot-8 guard Daniel Hernandez rises up and blocks a dunk attempt by Colorado Mesa forward Ludvig Saldh who is 6-foot-8. [ESPN]

It is rare, very rare that being a college male 5 feet 8 inches in height works out for you positively in any way. VERY rare. But this Fort Lewis College dude Daniel Hernandez just proved to be the exception to the rule. There’s no better feeling in sports than stuffing the shit out of someone, and when you add in a 1 foot height difference it makes it that much filthier.

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And yes I know what everyone is going to say. But he was called for the foul! Whatever nerds. Nobody cares. Same thing as when you get posterized to hell with dick and balls all up in your face but draw the charge. Nobody gives a fuck if your feet were planted. It’s all about the optics. If you care about shit like charges and fouls more than highlights and And 1/Rucker Park reactions from the crowd go watch a Coach K game or something.