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In Honor Of The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Here Are All The VS Supermodels On Instagram


So last night was the Victoria Secret Fashion show, a romp roaring affair. Honestly, and I said this while watching, watching hot chicks without any sort of penetration is extremely boring. Just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I wish it was different. I was I was Josh McCown but I’m not. I’ve been to Detroit too many times, anything else is child’s play.


Anyway, with that said, I thought I would do everyone a solid and give you all of the instagram accounts of the Victoria Secret models, even if you don’t have an account you can click on their name and look at their pictures. Enjoy.










Never has reality slapped me harder in the face than it did last night when we went from VS Fashion show to Michelle Dbila telling me how she plans on keeping warm on her commute to Oak Brook in the morning.