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This Guy Trolling His Girlfriend Over A Trip To Paris On Valentine's Day Is Actually A Pretty Funny Prank

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This one blew up on Twitter yesterday and while I was ready to roll my eyes at it after seeing a bunch of articles pop up on my feed, it’s actually a pretty funny misdirection to throw your chick on Valentine’s Day. On some level she had to know this British soccer hooligan wasn’t suddenly the most thoughtful man on the world planning on romantic train rides or jets throughout Europe. But because of Valentine’s Day, that most holy fake holiday where many men rise above themselves to do thoughtful things and/or buy things hastily at a 7-Eleven, this poor chick thought “Oh yeah, my boyfriend who stumbles home hammered after a Sunderland game and thrusts his mushy croissant dick into me is suddenly Don Juan whisking me around scenic areas like Aladdin.” Valentine’s Day: Setting unrealistic expectations all around the globe. Except Pakistan.

Oh and in the end she came to her senses and realized she wasn’t doing any better:

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 9.44.16 AM

Truly a Valentine’s Day miracle all around.

PS Everyone knows that people going viral get a ton of shit the instant something blows up but this girl Julie replying to the original viral tweet: Not a nice lady

Lots of kicks to the vag in one day for this poor Laura girl. Turtleneck looking good tho, she’s got that going for her.