Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Set Her Ex-Boyfriends House On Fire Because She Wanted "Closure"



(Source) A 26-year-old woman from Florida has been arrested after allegedly setting fire to her ex-boyfriend’s door to ‘get closure’. Kaelyn Marie Partenza faces arson charges after allegedly confronting her boyfriend, Brian Morris, at the apartment they used to share.  When the couple started to row, Partenza used lighter fluid and a lit cigarette to set fire to the front door, police say. ‘I got mad and lit the door on fire,’ the 26-year-old said after her arrest, NBC Miami reported. Partenza told police she had been sharing the Deerfield Beach apartment with Morris and his new girlfriend ‘as a family’ until recently.  She said that when she went to their home on Wednesday last week she had wanted ‘to get closure on her relationship with Morris’. But, when she knocked on the door her ex allegedly answered it while pointing a gun at her. Partenza claimed a physical altercation followed and as she fled Morris threw her boots after her, which hit her and bruised her arm. She later returned to the apartment and, when Morris saw her peeking through a gap in the door, he used a towel and speaker to block her view. Soon after, he noticed flames and smoke coming from the door. His current girlfriend, who has not been named, put the fire out. Partenza admitted to police that she intentionally used lighter fluid that she found on a grill near the apartments, and a lit cigarette, to start the fire.  She faces two counts of first-degree arson with people present and is being held on $50,000 bond.  Morris was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm, domestic violence and battery.




I mean that’s closure right? Mission Accomplished. You couldn’t live stand the fact that your ex-boyfriend lives with a new girl in the house you used to share so you burn it to the ground. All legalities aside, this is without a doubt the best way to get closure on a relationship. Burn every last memory, including an actual house.


But the bigger takeaway on this story is this. You know the old saying is “Don’t stick your dick in crazy”. Real good saying, everyone should follow it. But you know what else is an even better saying? “If you decide to stick your dick in crazy, don’t open the door pointing a gun at crazy’s face because she’ll probably end up burning your house down and try to kill you and your new girlfriend”. Not saying this guy had a shot at calming Kaelyn* down, but any chance he did goes out the window when he shoves a glock in her eyeball. Just have to know who you’re dealing with man. We’ve all made mistakes with psycho girls and it is far better to run than to stand your ground and fight. Not the time to be a hero.




*Kaelyn is such a classic Florida hot girl who is also a complete psycho name.