Drake Offered To Help Talk A Suicidal Guy Off A Bridge But The Cops Said No Thanks

(Source)Music megastar Drake appears to have offered to talk down a man standing on Mancunian Way bridge. Police say he became involved in the incident around 5.40am on Saturday morning, hours after finishing his gig at the Manchester Arena. Officers had been called to Mancunian Way near London Road because a man was standing on the wrong side of the barriers. Roads nearby were closed while they talked to the man and tailbacks began to form. It is understood the tour bus carrying Drake and his entourage through the city centre were caught up in the traffic. Insp Phil Spurgeon, of the City Centre Intergrated Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “One officer was approached by a male from a tour van caught up in the traffic congestion, claiming to be part of Drake’s entourage. “He offered for Drake to speak to the male on the bridge, if that would help. The offer was declined with thanks.” The man was eventually taken to hospital for treatment after he was safely brought down from the bridge before 7am. He was taken to hospital for assessment.


Can you imagine a worse artist to talk you off the bridge? I mean I love Drake, even though Views kinda stunk, but keep that dude the fuck away from me when I’m hanging on by a thread. If I’m legit a step away from swan diving off a bridge the last man I want to hear from is the guy who made emo-rap popular. I don’t need the guy who said “I’m scared that every girl I fall for will find a better man and end up happier in the long run” on the other end of the line when I’m trying to find god. If you’re standing at the end of a cliff long enough for the cops to come then you’re just begging for one person, one word, to tell you it’s not worth it and Drake’s gonna hop over there and, in a croony voice, tell you she’s never coming back then you’ll let it all go. I don’t even need to be that far gone to not want to see Drake, he could catch me in a bad hangover on Sunday and one verse from him could have me ready to end it all.

Tip of the cap to the cops here for being smart enough to tell Drake to stay on the bus, saved that guy’s life.