Nice Try By This Dude Hoping To Impress A Sexy Girl Sliding Down An Escalator And Breaking His Arm In Two In The Process

The saddest dab ever:

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 12.35.23 PM

But overall this is like an important metaphor from life courtesy of some poor kid toppling off an escalator while trying to impress some chick with a little voyeurism in her heart. The lesson? Play within yourself. Coaches have told athletes that for decades, a reminder to not overextend yourself and do more than you’re actually capable of. But that applies just as much for courting a girl, even one showing her ass sliding down an escalator. If you’re a dumb dude, don’t start writing poems. If you’re quick witted, don’t try to fight for a girl’s honor. And if you’re a bit of a spaz, don’t kick your feet on an escalator like The Fonz and expect not to have your arm snapped in half like a toothpick. It’s a clearly spelled out life lesson right there for you. If you want to get yourself a girl who shows her ass in public for video and whose lady bits are fresh off sliding all over a rubber thing where thousands of people have rubbed their hands, play to your strengths and keep your feet grounded both literally and figuratively. Now we know that.

(h/t Worldstar)