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I Have Some Questions Regarding This Blind Skateboarder

Now I don’t want to go full KFC mode and go to war with the Blindos over this skateboarder. With that being said, you can understand my skepticism here, no? I think I’m well in my rights to be a little suspicious of this dude drilling a noseslide into a fakie heelflip like it’s no big deal and oh yeah, also being totally blind.

I mean.. I get how that little sound machine works and I get how he can probably time up when to jump once he hits the little divide in the tennis courts. But still. You expect me to believe some blind dude is basically the next Chad fucking Muska? I find that hard to believe. Maybe I’m a little too woke here but keep in mind that a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater just came out in the past couple of years. Is this guy faking being blind just so he can eventually become a new character in THPS? Well, it hard to say. But between the cane and the braille on the sweatshirt, he’s really playing up the blind angle here which leads me to believe he’s overcompensating for something.

And if he is actually blind, well then good for him. I don’t understand how any of this is possible but good for him nonetheless. Consider my skepticism nothing but complimentary. I’d still like to have a talk with his eye doctor though.