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The Bulls Lost To The 4 Win Bucks Last Night And I For One Could Not Be Happier




So if you were ever wondering what no Luol, no Noah, and no Butler looked like well now you do. 3 quarters under 20 points and a loss to the 4 win (now 5) Bucks. But what I don’t understand is how some people on twitter and the media are actually down when the Bulls lose. What the fuck is that about? Have people seen the Eastern Conference standings recently?




2 teams above five hundred. TWO. Look at that shit, it’s a flaming pile of shit disguised as a basketball conference. If the Bulls don’t keep losing they could easily end up in the 6th-8th seed and that would honestly be the worst outcome for this franchise going forward. Another year of playoff basketball that leads absolutely nowhere. Fuck that. Give me the losses, I want them all, and anyone with half a brain would agree. Tanking sucks, but it’s not like it’s the Wizards or the Sixers or the Bucks. Those teams spend every year losing in hopes of hitting the lottery. This is a one year hiatus, I think we can all handle that. Just think about Eddy Curry, and Jamal Crawford, a washed up Jalen Rose and Marcus Fizer and realize it could be a hell of a lot worse.





This is sort of shameful to admit here but my 2 season total bets were Bulls over 56.8 and Bucks over 28.5. Not doing so hot there. The Bucks now hold the key to splitting so basically I have no chance.