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Danny Amendola Just Casually Putting NYC Fashion Week in a Body Bag

Danny Amendola #LetsMakeNYFWgreatAgain – #NeighborHoodKingsNEWYORK

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Here’s the thing that separates the New England Patriots of the 21st century from all other title teams, past or present. It’s the Inconvenient Truth that all other so-called dynasties hate to admit. When other teams win, they go back to their ordinary lives. Maybe one or two superstars has a hot wife to go back to. There’s a talk show appearance here and there. But for most of them, it’s an offseason of hitting the banquet circuit, charging appearance fees to give a talk to some boosters club at the local Sons of Italy and, if their lucky, perhaps a parade in their hometown.But when you’re with the Patriots, winning another championship means you have to go win at life.

It means presenting at awards shows. Partying with Rick Ross until he pukes. Sitting down to dinner with the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Japan and letting them know you’re the most powerful man at the table.

It comes with being a Patriot. It’s like an obligation. As my Gentle Uncle Ben used to put it, with great power comes great responsibility. And if you’re Danny Amendola, winning that second ring means you celebrate by going to the Fashion Capital of the World in their biggest week of the year and catwalking all over everyone else’s windpipes like the winner you are. And you do it while your Miss Universe girlfriend sits in the first row and turns into a waterslide in front of everyone.

I mean, look at that strut. The form, the confidence, the precision. Guys work their entire careers trying to perfect that. You’d think Amendola had been doing this his whole life instead of just coming off a football field and making gigantic clutch plays in two Super Bowls.

But that’s the mark of a true Patriot. It’s enough to make you want to hear from all the Belichick haters who ridiculed him for signing Amendola and mocked the newest King of Fashion Week for being too “fragile” to replace Wes Welker. If he was “fragile,” do you think he could be breaking out the Blue Steel like this, a mere week after playing the game of his life? Not a chance.

But that’s what Patriots do. Winners wanted. No! Days! Off!