This Is Why You Don't Slap Hands After Missed Free Throws


I said this a couple weeks ago but my least favorite thing in basketball is when guys start throwing around high fives after every single free throw attempt. Doesn’t matter if it goes in or not, any time a guy shoots the ball he has his teammates coming in to congratulate him just for trying. We call this the Participation Trophy Effect and it’s made it’s way to one of the biggest stages in sports. Think about this for a second. These guys are professional athletes. They are some of the best basketball players in the world. And they are going to receive a high five for missing a shot that they get paid millions and millions of dollars to routinely make? Fuck that nonsense. The moment I become NBA Commissioner, banning high fives after missed free throw attempts will be my first order of business.

Hopefully, however, it won’t take Commissioner Jordie for that to happen as Dario Saric learned the hard way that maybe you should just reserve the high fives for made free throws. Guy almost had his hand slapped right off of his wrist. And good for Richuan Holmes here. Don’t let anybody patronize you like that. Even if they’re your teammates, don’t let anybody come in and pat you on the back telling you “good job, sport” even when you damn well know that you didn’t do a good job. He’s a grown ass man. He doesn’t need anybody kissing his ass. So get that weak shit out of here. This is a man’s game.