The Greatest Friendship In The WWE Ended In Vicious Fashion Last Night #RIPJeriKO

There’s nothing like a good tag team breakup in pro wrasslin’.

If you’ve fallen out of the wrestling loop, like many have, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho have been the best thing going in WWE for months now. They are also two of the best heels. Villains. Bad guys. Both of them. They’ve gotten so over with the crowd these past few months that Kevin Owens was just able to perfectly execute a heel turn, AS A HEEL. It’s a heel maintain, really, and everyone is absolutely heartbroken over it. This might as well be the WWE’s Red Wedding.

The loving celebration, the gift giving, the realization, and the attack couldn’t have been any better. Jericho’s “How come my name’s on this?” was so innocent I felt like I was watching Will ask Uncle Phil why his dad don’t want him. The crowd understanding what was about to go down, getting louder and louder into the tight shot of Owens’ face and the sound of his mic hitting the canvas made this one of the most cinematic tag team breakups in history, and it should go down as one of the best.

Here’s a few classics to remind you just how good some have been:

PS: Shoutout to Bayley and Charlotte for tearing down the house last night, and reverse shoutout to the writers who decided to go back to the well on Charlotte’s TV losses/PPV wins troupe. Way to ruin a great WrestleMania moment for the sake of a silly streak two years in a row. For a company that talks about making history with women non-stop, these hot potato title reigns sure don’t give off that aura. Still, phenomenal job by the girls, and congrats to Bayley on becoming the RAW Women’s Champion. She’s more deserving than anyone and I’m excited to see her win the strap for the second time at Mania.