I Started Liking Soccer As A Joke 2 Years Ago And Now I'll Be On Men In Blazers Tonight On NBC Sports

Ever get asked a question in a meeting by your boss and you have no idea how to answer so you bullshit your way through an answer and next thing you know you become tagged as a certain type of guy. New responsibilities, head of some project you aren’t qualified to run, the whole 9. Well that’s what happened here boys and girls. 2.5 years ago I started liking soccer as a joke (also because I loved betting on World Cup games). Flash forward a couple years and I invested real money into Swansea City (yes I’m an EPL owner, not to brag) and now I’ll be on NBC Sports 5:30 EST with the Men in Blazers talking Soccer. The true American dream. Just bullshitting your way to the top. Being ignorant all the way to the top. Tune in and watch me eat an entire pie and talk like I know what I’m actually saying. Good times.