Chase Utley Once Requested The Pitcher Plunk Him Because He Is More Man Than Man


– Coaches tell the story of a game in which the Dodgers had a big lead in the top of the eighth inning when one younger, enthusiastic teammate stole second base, which ticked off the opposition. When Utley got to the plate in the ninth, he told the opposing catcher to have the pitcher drill him. Then his teammate would understand there are consequences for showing up the opposition.

Chase Utley in a nutshell, ladies and gentleman. In one shining example he exhibits how A) To respect the game, B) Be a solid teammate by leading by example, and C) Do whatever it takes to win. It’s slightly condescending to try and show a younger teammate to not run up the score when it’s a bloodbath and yet trick the opposition in putting him on base, but I digress. It only shows we are merely mortals and Chase is simply a Baseball God. No way around it. Sure, he’ll take out a few fibulas if he needs to. But that’s just how legends are born. In Chase’s world it’s not Old School, it’s Good School.

And that’s not the only tidbit we learned about The Man today. He’s not above disguising himself as a BatBoy to attempt to prove a point.

Then there was a game last year in which Kershaw wasn’t getting strikes he thought he’d thrown. When the Dodgers got back to the dugout, A.J. Ellis was hollering at the home plate umpire. Utley warned Ellis not to get ejected. Chase grabbed a batboy’s skull cap,a jacket, got a towel and rounded up a bunch of fresh baseballs and went out to give the umpires the balls, which is the batboy’s job. When the umpire asked him what he was doing, Utley told him he was not going to embarrass the ump, that no one would notice he was out there, but Kershaw had to have some of those pitches. Having spoken his peace, Utley ran back to the dugout like just another clubbie batboy.

Like I Harry said, The Man.