German Women's Tennis Team Was Not Pleased To Be Sung The Nazi Version Of Their National Anthem

FTW – A deeply unfortunate mishap, for all involved. During Opening Ceremonies ahead of the Fed Cup quarterfinal on Saturday, the USTA mistakingly played a Nazi Era version of the German National Anthem. It prompted a strong response from Andrea Petkovic following her match. “I thought it was the epitome of ignorance, and I’ve never felt more disrespected in my whole life, let alone in Fed Cup, and I’ve played Fed Cup for 13 years now and it is the worst thing that has ever happened to me,”

Great. The last thing we need to give these people an excuse to band together in the cause of national unity and dominance. But I’m pretty sure this was a honest mistake, so spare me the whole “This is the worst thing that’s every happened to me” happy crap. Hey, if you don’t want to be offended by an outdated version of a song from your racist, evil Reich that brought the world to its knees…don’t have a racist, evil Reich that brought upon a World War to begin with. You just gotta swallow your pride and say, yup, we’ll own this one. You can’t play it off like a victim just cause you’re embarrassed about your ancestor’s actions. Shit, every time my Grandmother dropped a “Colored” to innocently describe, well, every black person she’s ever encountered, it wasn’t exactly the best look. But, hey, just gotta chalk it up to Nanny being Nanny and live to fight another day. Same goes for here.

If anything, they should be more offended when their national hero Dirk Nowitzki attempts to drop a few bars. Those singing abilities would make Helen Keller’s ears bleed.

I would rather listen to Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters endure in a queef-off than hear whatever that special needs ogre is spewing out of his orifice. Great ballplayer, though.