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Virginia Tech Knocks Off #12 UVA And Moshes To Enter Sandman

When you’re firmly on the tournament bubble as a projected #10 seed and knock off the #12 team in the country for a signature win:

You know my thoughts on court storming. I love it. You’ll never hear me complain about a party or a celebration or a court storming or anything like that. College is college. You get 4 years. Use literally any excuse you can to turn the fuck up because when it’s over, trust me, it’s over. Go crazy on campus when you beat the 0-19 School for the Deaf and Blind for all I care. Live it up.

Beating an in state rival, in doubt OT, on your home floor, after this electrifying tip in to tie it up:

AND incorporating Enter Sandman????

Hell yeah I’m OK with that.