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Dangle Days Weekend Recap Straight From The Sauce Factory

Grant Valiquette plays a little cawlidge hockey up in Canada for Lakehead University. Or I guess as they call it in Canada, U Sports. Anyway, it’s pretty much a death sentence for your hockey career if you’re playing university puck up North in Canada. Grant Valiquette is looking to change that narrative, however, one dangle at a time. You’re telling me there’s not a single team in the AHL who’d appreciate having this silky set of paws on their roster just for the shootout potential alone?


Yeah right. Kid is probably on a bus to Manitoba as we speak. The skill combined with the balls it takes to pull off this move shows me that this kid is going places. At the very least, he just locked up a 3+ year career in the KHL with this move alone. Sick sick sick sick sick. And speaking of ultra mega dope shootout moves…

Pascal Laberge Is An Outrageously Rude Boy


Pascal Laberge was a 2016 2nd round draft pick to the Philadelphia Flyers last summer. Since the draft, Laberge was on the wrong end of a vicious head shot back in October,  and now he’s wanted for murder after putting this goalie 6 feet under. Love him or hate him all you want, but you can’t deny the fact that Mike Ribeiro has a ridiculous set of hands on him. And I’m pretty sure Laberge just one-upped Ribeiro.

Saucy Swiss Cheese

Can anybody remember anything that’s happened since the turn of the century that would have sparked a hockey revolution in Switzerland? Because there’s a very good chance the #1 overall pick in the upcoming NHL Draft this June is from Switzerland. And now we have 17-year-old Tim Kobler sniping corners between his legs. I’m guessing guys like Mark Streit, Roman Josi, and Nino Niederreiter all playing in the NHL at the same time has definitely turned Switzerland into more of a hockey country. But that can’t be the sole reason why 17-18 year old Swiss kids are running amok in this sport currently. Either way, good on them. I preferably enjoyed it when they stuck to making army knives but if they’re going to be a hockey country now, at least they’re supplying an abundance of sauce.

Can I Kick It?

Yes you can. A few weeks ago we saw this pass attempted in the 3HL Tour (pro 3v3 league in Canada), but while the pass was right on the money, the puck didn’t end up in the back of the net. This one comes to us from Jared Aulin, a Canadian playing in the Swiss B league. And holy tits was that filthy. Credit to whoever was there to finish this one, too. Most guys would be too taken aback from the pass to finish that play with a goal. This dude knew the only way the Swiss B league could ever go viral is if he put it in the back of the net. So hats off to both danglers out there.

Lax Goal Of The Week


No gas, this Curtis Dickson goal in the NLL yesterday was the filthiest goal scored in any sport this weekend. Hits Brodie Merrill with the face dodge. Gets stood up at the crease. One-handed, underhand, behind-the-back jump shot. That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of raw.

Hidden Ball Trick Of The Week


2017 has already been the year of the Hidden Ball Trick in college lacrosse and we’re still only in February. We saw Hopkins run it to perfection last week. And then Virginia broke this one out in their 1-goal win over Loyola on Saturday. Are the Hoos back or are the Hoos back?

Fight Penalty Call of the Week/Year/Lifetime

Both guys… 5 minutes each… for FIGHTING. Wes McCauley, man. I don’t know how to feel about this one. I mean… on one hand, obviously I love the call and think this needs to become the standard when announcing penalties. On the other hand, is Wes McCauley trying to show up the enforcers here? Is he trying to make this show all about himself? Because if that’s the case, we might have to sic Dennis Wideman on his ass real quick just to remind him that the zebras work for the players, not the other way around. But for the most part, I’m at about 85% love on this move. Can’t teach that level of showmanship.

Ultimate Frisbee Dangle Of The Week


Bro Sweet!!!!!

And that wraps it up for us this week. Thanks a bunch of tuning in. Stay saucy, my friends.