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James Dolan Surrounding Himself With Ex-Knicks Including Latrell Sprewell For Today's Game Is The Lamest Move I've Ever Seen

James Dolan going with the “I love the old Knicks just like you guys. Some of my best friends are ex-Knicks!” strategy today was so obvious, I’m legitimately upset I didn’t call his shot. Nationally televised game against a team that should wipe the floor with you, might as well try to get any good will possible. It is such a transparent move, it truly is insulting to Knicks fans’ intelligence if Dolan and the MSG KGB thought it would work. And yes I know a few of these guys already have a relationship with the Knicks, so that wasn’t a surprise. And I’m pretty sure Vin Baker sells hot dogs at MSG on his off days from Starbucks, so he likely just got the day off and a better view as long as he promised to smile whenever the cameras were near.

But the funniest part of all is that today was the day Latrell Sprewell and The Garden ended their more than a decade long beef and honored Spree before the game. What a coincidence!

To be fair to Spree, he does have to feed his family and never played with Oak. Why would he care about selling him out? Dolan probably brought 10,000 of those spinning rims for Sprewell for him to show up today, despite the fact Spree basically wiped his ass with Dolan’s tongue after he was traded, which really got this spiral of misery moving.

I miss the old Sprewell
The choke a coach Sprewell
The not choke on James Dolan’s (redacted) for his own benefit Sprewell

You know the Sprewell I’m talking about? This one:

Latrell Sprewell came, he cursed James Dolan until the bitter end and eventually conquered the Knicks. Sprewell, the popular former Knick who was jettisoned from New York in a way that only Scott Layden can appreciate, unleashed several ugly profanity-laced tirades during last night’s 98-92 Knick loss that will likely result in a fine from the NBA. Of course, Sprewell has never backed down from a fight whether it’s with the league over money or with Dolan over his character. Sprewell finished with 31 points as did Sam Cassell to spoil Isiah Thomas’ first game as Knicks president and ruin Dolan’s night.

4 seconds left when he was shouting at the Knicks bench. Crawford whistled him for a technical foul which could have proved costly since the Knicks were only down four. But moments later, Cassell’s three-pointer sealed it. Sprewell, who made nine of 20 shots, made six baskets in the first half and after three of those made shots he glared and then cursed at Dolan, whom Sprewell blames for running him out of New York. “His comments pretty much prove that he had something to do with the trade,” Sprewell said in reference to Dolan criticizing his character. Asked if he harbors bitterness toward his former boss, Sprewell replied: “Yes. Well . . . I won’t go into it, but yes.

via NYDN

And you knowwwww that ewok fuck Dolan is just waiting for the season to be over so he can give Patrick Ewing any job he wants with the franchise. Head coach? Done. GM? No problem. Starting center? Sounds good, we’ll trade Porzingis to open a spot. Whatever it takes to make people love him.