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Bill Murray Walked Away From An Interview Cause He Was Mad At The Cameraman And It Was SUPER Awkward

Awwwwwwwwwwkward. A little bit before that Bill Murray told the camera guy to step back cause the guy’s shadow was in his shot. Not sure if that’s what Bill Murray was mad about there but he was clearly not happy about something. This is the thing about Bill Murray that I kinda hate. Everybody just sucks his dick no matter what he does. This isn’t a hot take. This is just a fact. Bill Murray could say literally ANYTHING to the gallery at Pebble Beach and they’d react like he just changed comedy forever. People rolling down hills and stripping off their clothes because they’re laughing so hard. I’d even argue Bill Murray could say anything to anyone anywhere and they’d react that way. Everybody loves Bill Murray even when it’s not warranted. I get that he’s a legend and blah blah blah but come on. Listen to the announcers after Murray avoided the interview like a tantrum-throwing child. They’re nervously laughing like “ha ha ha well ya never know what you’re gonna get with whacky Bill! Hilarious!” Nah man. He was just being a dick there. You can say it.

Shoutout to Kelly Rohrback though. Mercy.