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The Weekend Greenie Bag - Who Are The Most Underrated Celtics 2K Players?


Hello and welcome to another riveting edition of the Weekend Greenie Bag! What a difference a little winning streak makes, and as well as the Celts have been playing I noticed a direct correlation to this week’s submissions. So much positivity I almost didn’t like it. Feels too weird. Naturally with the deadline fastly approaching, a bunch of unrealistic prayer trades are on your minds, and really I can’t blame you. Even as a strong willed Celtics blogger, I find myself falling for every Twitter/Reddit rumor out there. Can’t help it. So before we begin, if this is your first time here and you want to join the fun, don’t let difficulty stop you. It’s easy. Tweet me whatever with #GreenieBag or email

Let’s go!

Jesus Jeff way to start things off with a topic that is depressing as fuck. But seriously, I wrote it earlier this week, and nothing has changed for me. I am legit terrified of the pending Twitter Woj bomb. Deep down in places I don’t like to talk about I feel it coming, and you know what, I bet you do too. What I can’t get past is the fact that he played, but then had to sit out again. I’d almost be more comfortable if he hadn’t been back at all since initially hurting his Achilles, but the more I hear about how he’s “progressing” and then hear that he’ll be out for like two more weeks has me mentally preparing for this quote

Now it’s not as if there hasn’t been any positives to this injury, as twisted as that is to type. I think the play of Marcus during this stretch is a prime example. The guy has stepped up to the challenge and has been a crucial reason they’ve gone 8-1 over their last nine. The only thing it does for Isaiah it put a tiny bit more pressure on him down the stretch of games because the Celts really miss how Avery can spread the floor/score as a second option in the fourth quarter, but Isaiah is a gawd so I don’t have concerns there. The real question is if this injury makes Avery a more likely candidate to get dealt. That’s a hard pill to swallow because he’s relatively young, is getting better every year of his career, and the things he excels at are the things this team really really needs.

The good news is the Celtics don’t have to overreat. They have a little more time to see how things shake out before thye need to make a formal decision on his deal. As the longest tenured Celtic, I sneaky would hate to see him go.



Trying to go off the beaten path with a question here and I just thought of it playing 2K. I’m always the Celtics no matter who I play and I’ve always found that there is a guy who’s a role player each year that I go off with. In 2K17, for some reason, that guy is Gerald Green. I was wondering looking back if there was any guy on the Celtics that wasn’t necessarily a star (Pierce, Walker, Allen, Garnett, Rondo, Isaiah) that just worked in video games. Here’s my top-5:

1. Waltah McCarty (duh)
2. Eddie House (started him over Rondo thru Big 3 era)
3. Tony Delk
4. Jiri Welch
5. Delonte West

I think we can see the pattern that I live and die by the three ball. #TeamIsaiah #GiveGreenieALife #Waltah – Sugar

I felt bad because Sugar actually wrote this in a few weeks ago and I somehow forgot to include it. I’ll put my hand up man, that’s on me because this question fucks. Ever since my bar mitzvah when I finally got a video game system (shouts original Ps1) the first game I ever bought was NBA Live 2001, you know, this one


and much like you, 99% of the time I play as the Celtics. I made the official switch to 2K probably around 2002, and over the course of my basketball video game life, I tend to agree with your list for the most part. McCarty would be who I would put #1, but I have a few other additions

Marcus Banks 2K4: Do you love strong guards who for someone reason always seem to steal the ball and then even though it didn’t exist in real life apparently had 99 speed? That was Marcus Banks.

Ricky Davis 2K5: Perhaps the popular opinion should have been to use high flying rookie Gerald Green, but that’s not how it worked for me. He had to earn his minutes and Ricky Davis might have been the best SF in the game that year. He could guard multiple positions, dunk from everywhere, and he probably blocked Gerald for 3 years in my Dynasty Mode.

Gerald Green 2K7: I agree with you about how underrated Gerald Green is in 2K, but I actually think he was better in 2K7 than 2K17. He won MVP for me that year, absolutely mastered the cross over/dunk from the FT line in the middle of the game move, and could shoot lights out. At that point in time his performance in a video game convinced 20 year old Greenie that Gerald was going to fill the Paul Pierce void eventually. What a dumbass that kid was.

Now for 2K17, I’ve noticed this trend has continued. There are a couple role players that are absolutely disgusting, and for me, it starts with Terry Rozier. He is NASTY in 2K17. Also what’s funny is that Kelly Olynyk is an actual low post presence. You ever just put him in a P&R and see him dunk on people? Video games are the best.



Quick question, what about Brook Lopez as a possible trade target? Send them Amir and James Young and a 1st round draft pick (possibly ours pick in 2018) and a couple of our million 2nd rounders so they can retain half of his salary for the next two years. 

I’m not sure about the NBA rules about retaining salary like the MLB, but C’s get another stretch center that could help space the floor. I know he can’t protect the rim, but I’ve been reading that his rebounding is bad because he boxes out the other bigs making it easier for the others on the floor to rebound. Amir isn’t the best at rebounding anyways. Brooklyn gets a few picks to restore their prospect pool and they can give Young a chance so they can start rebuilding. Celtics get another stretch center and Brooklyn gets worse for the next few years making our picks from them even better. 

Look forward to hearing what you think. – Bernard

Bernard, I’ve heard that “his rebounding is down because he is blocking out for other people” reasoning before because it’s what I use to defend Al Horford. I have a few reservations about this idea though. For starters, I want no part of paying Lopez over 20M next year. It’s not that I don’t think he has a skill set the Celtics could use, but I’m terrified of his foot injury history. I already have to deal with a center who can’t really jump, I’m not sure I want to give up our best expiring, future HOFer James Young, a a pick for a guy who they probably don’t resign anyway. Also, they could probably give up less assets for a 7ft goon who does nothing but rebound/block shots (like Bogut). That’s the type of center I would prefer for this team.



LOVE that you’re keeping the people up to date on our beloved C’s.  I’ve been a lifelong fan and will admit watching Pierce’s last game made my apartment super dusty.  Personally I’m not for all the Jimmy Butler talk, I think we desperately need a true Center so Horford can be more of a Power Forward.  The rebounding/defense are the most important issues and I think the key to this team reaching the next level.  Last week you said you would trade Crowder/Bradley etc for Boogie Cousins “in a heartbeat” and I cannot stress enough how much I HATE that trade.  His superstar caliber talent is not lost on me but I truly think he is locker room poison.  After seeing him get yet another technical AND shoving an assistant coach during the Bulls game, would you still make that trade or any trade for him?  Is it just me or does it not seem like he would be an instant diva and threat to our team’s strong chemistry?  I’m usually with you on 99% of your takes but this one… ima need you to help me understand your reasoning on this (not very likely thank God) trade option. – Ashley

PS: My best girls and I celebrated my birthday at the garden December 16th when IT came back so while Walter’s record is great and all, I like to think we had something to do with IT4’s scoring streak since that game

Chicks in the Greenie Bag! Chicks in the Greenie Bag! Chicks in the Greenie Bag! Welcome Ashley. Here’s the thing about Boogie Cousins that I think is really important. I put absolutely zero stock into what an asshole he can be while playing in SAC. In the NBA, culture is everything, and when you are as talented as he is, wasting your career in a hot dumpster fire like that, shit is going to happen. I think it’s lazy to think that just because he acts this way in SAC, that if he were to come to a winning culture, and a team that is actually good, he would be the same. Look at his performance on Team USA for example. He was a completely different player.

Could it backfire? Sure, but if that’s the case you can just trade him again. I have faith that you bring someone like that in, and Brad can handle it. Look at how he’s handled that little Isaiah flare up, then Jae’s issue, then Smart’s freakout. It appears that NBA players have a high level of respect for Brad, so I think it wouldn’t really be a problem. When you have a headcase like that, strong veteran leadership is important (look at what the Big 3 did for Rondo), and that’s what this team has in spades. Guys like Horford, Isaiah, Avery (if he’s still there) etc, wouldn’t let that shit fly, nor would Danny Ainge in my opinion.

Also, I just talked it over with Walter and he’s fine with you taking credit for Isaiah’s scoring output and he’ll settle for the team success. Guy is a gentleman after all.


Boom.  Add the 2017 Nets pick to the Bulls along with our 2018 1st rounder and whatever 2nd. Add the Nets 2018 pick to the Knicks and some other filler 2nd or maybe some of our overseas stash. Bulls do it because they’re stuck with Wade for essentially that same time period as Melo.  But they can dump Rondo in another deal and initiate a quasi rebuild while hoping Melo/Wade click and they continue selling tickets. Knicks are just getting good value here for a player they are looking to dump and can rebuild around Porzingia with Brown and the 2018 pick while getting their cap space.  Could be a scary 2019 team.

Celts address rebounding need in some other fashion and are legit contending for the East over the next 4 years, hopefully stealing a title from LeBron.  Keeping Marcus Smart & Crowder being the coup of the century as they come off the bench. – Gary

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 10.52.50 AM

I love trade deadline season.


If you’re Danny Ainge today sitting down to prepare for the trade deadline and the offseason with all your assets, what year are you setting out to win the championship in? This year? Next year? The year after? The year after that? – Tony

Tony this is hard question to answer because it all depends on what is actually out there. If the Celtics have an opportunity to turn some of those assets into a legit star while not getting rid of all their players, I think you could make a case they should do it. When I think of how the Celtics matchup with teams like CLE, I’m not sure they need that “superstar” to inch closer to their level. Think of when these two teams play, aside from having Lebron, the biggest reason the Celtics struggle is because of how much CLE abuses them on the glass. Guys like Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love feast on the Celtics, and that leads to easy second chance points. If I’m Ainge, for this trade deadline, I think a minor move for a big is the way to go, see how that plays out this April, and that will give you a clearer picture heading into the offseason.

It’s also really hard to be like, we should win the title in Year X. I think of it more like football, I want them to get to a point where they are competing for a title, and to me that is making the final four. I think this deadline that’s what the focus probably is, because let’s face it, it’s probably going to be CLE/GS this year. The FA class is actually much better in the summer of ’18 than this summer, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Danny kept the picks and decided to just spend money instead of trying to get something done in the next two weeks.

Please join me as we switch gears to the Weekly Greenie Awards!


This week’s MVP: Marcus Smart

You could argue this should basically go to Isaiah every week, but I am still too impressed with Smart’s performance against POR to put anyone else in front of him. Without him they go 0-2 this week (todays game pending).

Play of The Week: Marcus Smart

Still get goosebumps watching this play. Marcus The Creator man, what a player.

This week’s LVP: Tyler Zeller

Am I being too hard on a guy who made little effort to rebound and had a ball hit off his face that led to a POR bucket? I dunno, you be the judge

This week’s Most Improved Player: Jaylen Brown

Watching Jaylen become more confident over the last few weeks has me feeling like a proud father. That is an extremely weird sentence to type, but it’s true. I feel overjoyed when I see him do well, and he has been great this week.

That’s it for this week, thanks to everyone who wrote in, keep em coming don’t be shy. Only a few more hours before tip tonight, we can do it.

Have a great weekend everybody!