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Did People Know That The Founder Of Lululemon Came Up With The Name Because It's Hard For Asians To Pronounce It?




(Source) Wilson, who founded Lululemon in 1998 and owns about 9 percent of the company, will step down as non-executive chairman prior to Lululemon’s annual meeting in June. He will remain on the board. Michael Casey, a former Starbucks Corp executive and lead director of Lululemon’s board for the past six years, will take over as chairman. Wilson is known to court controversy. He caused a furor last month when he said Lululemon products were wrong for certain body shapes. Wilson has said he chose the name “Lululemon” because the L sound is not in the Japanese language. “It’s funny to watch them try to say it,” he said in a 2004 profile in the National Post Business magazine.



Well that’s just about the most hilarious thing I have ever read. You literally came up with your companies name specifically to fuck with Asian people. That’s so fucking absurd that I can’t even tell if it’s real. I mean Lulelemon isn’t exactly your corner lemonade stand anymore. It’s a big fucking company, and it was all built on the simple fact that Asians can’t pronounce L’s and this guy wanted to laugh every time someone said Rururemon. Fantastic. Absolutely stunned he was just forced to step down as CEO.



thanks to Jarret for the tip